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If you see this logo somewhere, you know it’s me. Speaking of personal branding, the logo is not copyright protected, I made it myself. If you like it, feel free to use it.

In this role of a blogger, I try to educate and help people, while maintaining rigorous standards in order to preserve my impartiality. It is not my goal to be an influencer who publishes paid content to sell people products and advertise companies. If I’m getting paid for something, you’re going to know it. The whole point of this blog is that I am free to express my opinion regardless of the companies I work with or work for.

Tracking, Advertising and Support

This site uses Google Analytics to collect user information, in addition there is only the standard info that I see through the CMS. For example, if you leave a comment I can see the information you entered (name, email, message) and your IP address. There is no additional collection or sale of user information on my part. This data is only used to communicate via comments and messages.

All the Ads you see on this site are from Google AdSense. I try not to insert advertisements into the content of the post, but somewhere peripherally so they don’t bother you too much.

Current Ad revenue is almost negligible, there aren’t simply a lot of visitors. But despite that, if you really want to support me visit this page or click on the ad. Maybe I get 1 cent, so one day it will be enough for a coffee. 🙂

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