The QR Scanner [Android App] is published!

This small application, which should read and decode various types of QR and other barcodes, is finally available for download at the Play Store.

The whole team (me) worked hard (only on weekends and when bored) to finally release this App, so here you go.

Get it on Google Play
  • No ads
  • Works offline
  • Supports a large number of codes
  • Has a lot of bugs that you still have to discover

Visible Digital Seal (VDS)

The first version (1.0) comes with VDS support. Typically, a VDS is created as a QR code or DataMatrix code. The standard is defined by ICAO (ICAO Doc 9303-13) and the supported profiles are:

  • Visas (ICAO Doc 9303-7)
  • Emergency Travel (ICAO Doc 9303-8)
  • Arrival Attestation Document (BSI TR03137-6)
  • Social Insurance Card (BSI TR03137-7)
  • Residence Permit (BSI TR03137-8)
  • Address Sticker for German ID Card (BSI TR03137-9)
  • Residence Sticker for German Passports (BSI TR03137-10)

More information about this App can be found in a previous post.

1 thought on “The QR Scanner [Android App] is published!

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    Techylist says:

    This is a great app! I’ve been using it to scan QR codes all the time.


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