New Battery Adaptation

The BEM (Battery Energy Manager) continuously monitors the battery and regulates its optimal charging voltage. Consumers are reduced/switched off, the idle speed is increased to avoid excessive battery discharge, various parameters are monitored, including temperature, current, voltage and operating times. One of the functions is to recognize the aging effect and to tailor (reduce) the charge from the alternator so that it aligns with the degregation in battery capacity over time. If you now install a battery that does not have the same specifications or if you do not code the new battery accordingly, the battery manager cannot work optimally (the new battery  is never fully charged), which can lead to increased wear or even a breakdown.

Decode the Sticker

Code the Battery

Control unit 19 (Gateway)
Adaptation (10)
Battery adaptation/Batterieanpassung
Rated battery capacity/Batterienennkapazität: [Enter the Capacity in Ah]
Battery manufacturer/Batteriehersteller: [Enter the Manufacturer]
Battery serial number/Batterieseriennummer: [Enter the Serial Number]
Battery technology/Batterietechnologie: [Enter the Technology]


The battery capacity is always written on the battery as one of the main characteristics and is expressed in ampere-hours (Ah).


5DO - JFF/Boading
TU3 - Exide
MLA - Moll
VA0 - Varta
UM5 - Akuma
BA2 - Banner

Serial Number

The serial number should be written on the battery, you will recognize it because it is exactly 10 digits long. If that serial number is not accepted, you can try to increment the existing one. Since most manufacturers put the serial number as 1111111111 from the factory, you can simply change it to 1111111112. Also something very clever, some put the date they replaced the battery eg. 0028092022.

Important note: If you don’t change the serial number, the car will think it still has the old battery.


This is very important when switching from EFB to AGM, but it is recommended that you do not insert a battery with a different technology, so this field should remain the same. For AGM batteries, it’s Fleece/Vlies.

Non-UDS Modules (Audi A6 C6)

Control unit 19 (Gateway)
Adaptation (10)
Channel 04: Battery Information/Replacement
00915105DL  VA0 39010660D9
[Part Number 10 digits](space)(space)[Vendor](space)[Serail Number] or
[Part Number 11 digits](space)[Vendor](space)[Serail Number]


Control unit 61 (Battery Regulation)
(ASCII View of the Long coding)
00915105DL  VA039010660D9
[Part Number 10 digits](space)(space)[Vendor][Serail Number]
[Part Number 11 digits](space)[Vendor][Serail Number]

Some examples:
Varta Silver 110Ah: 000915105DL VA0 39020550B5
OEM 110Ah: 000915105DL VA0 320727R0RO
Varta Silver 100Ah: 4F0915105C VA0 600402083
Varta Silver 95Ah: 000915105DK VA0 300910A1UQ