CVC Box [Windows x64]

The app that opens CVC files.

Wouldn’t it be great if, as with regular X509 certificates, you could simply open Card Verifiable Certificates (CVC) on Windows and take a look at all the properties. That’s exactly what this little application is for. It uses the CVC library from EJBCA and JavaFX to open CVCs as Windows should display them.


How to use

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Run CVC Box.bat
  4. Drag and drop your CVC

Additional info

If you do not have Java installed, the easiest way to start the application is via the CVC Box.bat script. In which case the Java libraries from the java folder are used. It is also possible to drag the CVC file on the CVC Box.bat, which will pass it as a parameter and open it in the application.

As this is a Java application, it is possible to run it on Linux and all other platforms that support Java, for that, it is only necessary to create a suitable (Shell) script based on the .bat script. But it would display a Windows-style interface, which doesn’t really made sense to me.

For testing purposes, you can use the EJBCA CVC test certificates from github.