Nowadays we find QR codes, Barcodes and other types of codes everywhere: at the supermarket, at the restaurant, around the cities. Increasingly, these codes are used for everyday activities and digital documents. Unfortunately, it is not possible to scan and understand the content with the naked eye. In order to solve this specific problem and for the curious to finally find out what is behind these codes, this idea was born.

The QR Scanner/Decoder

The idea is super simple, in addition to being able to scan and read the Barcode/QR content, this App goes one step further. If the content is difficult to read, the application decodes it into a human readable form.

Some of the supported codes

EU COVID Certificate

In the settings it is possible to activate the option to display all the decoding steps of these certificates.


WiFi Connection Code

European Article Number

Visa VDS

Sample VDS from ICAO Doc 9303-Part 13.


The application will be released on the Google Play Store, if someone wants to try the first demo they can download and install it via this APK file.


Now you know what I’m working on. I look forward to any kind of feedback. If you have suggestions, improvements or some new codes for which I have not implemented decoding, please leave your comment.

3 thoughts on “ONE APP TO SCAN ‘EM ALL

  1. Avatar
    Miloš says:

    Hi Dragan,

    Your app is workin realy fine and I like how simple yet very powerful it is. I believe that it will become my default scanning app soon. 🙂
    Will it be possible to make the feature to “scan” the QR code from the images uploaded from the gallery?

    1. admin
      admin says:

      Thanks a lot,
      You’re not the only one who recommended this scan from the gallery, so I’ll probably add that. Do you have a recommendation on where to put this option and keep everything as simple as before?

      1. Avatar
        Miloš says:

        Thanks Dragan.

        Well, logically, it can be next to (or below/above) the “New Scan” button.
        I believe that most people will use it in that way and that nobody likes to use additional steps entering some menu, searching for the feature.


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