VW Scirocco 3 GTS


It is important to note that as this is the 2013/2014 model, the electronics are almost the same as in the Golf 6.

Needle sweep (from week 45/2009)

Control unit 17 (Dashboard)
Adaptation (10)
Staging/Inszenierung → Activate ✓
Control unit 17 (Dashboard)
Long coding (07)
Byte 01
Bit 0 (Needle sweep) → Activate ✓

Seat belt reminder deactivation

Control unit 17 (Dashboard)
Long coding (07)
Byte 01
Bit 1 (Seatbelt warning) → Deactivate ✗

DRLs via Fog Lights

Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
Long coding (07)
Byte 14
Bit 1 (DRL via fog lights) → Activate ✓

DRLs only in AUTO position

Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
Long coding (07)
Byte 26
Bit 4 (DRL only in AUTO position) → Activate ✓

Cornering lights via fog lights

Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
Long coding (07)
Byte 14
Bit 7 (Cornering lights via fog lights) → Activate ✓

Byte 12
Bit 4 (Cornering lights activation time limited) → Activate ✓

Emergency brake flashing

During emergency braking at a speed over 60 km/h, the warning lights switch on automatically, when accelerating or continuing to drive at a speed higher than 40 km/h, the warning lights switch off automatically. If braking continues, the hazard warning lights come on automatically at speeds below 10 km/h. When you accelerate, the hazard warning lights switch off automatically.

Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
Long coding (07)
Byte 16
Bit 1 (Brake lights) → Activate ✓
Bit 2 (Turn signals) → Activate ✓

Rain closing (panoramic roof/windows)

Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
Long coding (07)

Byte 21
Bit 5 (Rain sensor) → Should already be installed and activated ✓

Byte 4
Bit 5 (Comfort operation via rain sensor) → Activate ✓
Bit 6 (Rain closing) → Activate ✓
Control unit 09 (Central Electrics)
RLS (Regen- und Lichtsensor)
Long coding (07)
Byte 00
Bit 2 → Activate ✓

Parking aid buzzer

Control unit 10 (Parking Assistance)
Adaptation (10)

Rear buzzer volume → Default value: 5
Rear buzzer frequency → [TO TEST]

Door exit/Warning light [RETROFIT]

The cables must be connected to the 32-pin connector B on the door.
Pin 18 → Red [+12V]
Pin 19 → Brown [- Ground]

Control unit 42 (Driver Door)|52 (Passenger Door)
Coding (07)
Increase value by +64
(Example: old = 0016437, new = 16501)

Folding function of exterior mirrors activation [RETROFIT]

Control unit 42 (Driver Door)|52 (Passenger Door)
Coding (07)
Increase value by +4096
(Example: old = 0016437, new = 0020533)

Light bulbs


For the non-xenon headlights, there are only two H7 55W bulbs for low beam and high beam. It’s a little bit more complicated with xenon headlights.

10 – P21W [Ba15s] Daytime Running Light
11 – H7 55W Cornering Light
12 – D1S 35W Xenon Low/High Beam

2 – HB4 55W Fog light
4 – W5W [T10] Parking light
5 – HY21W Turn signal


The whole tail light must be removed from the car in order to replace the bulbs.

7 – P21W Tail light, Brake light, Fog light
8 – PY21W Turn signal
9 – W16W [T15] Reversing light


7 – C5W 36mm Rear ceiling light
30 – W5W [T10] Front ceiling light
41 – C5W 36mm Make-up mirror
43, 45 – W5W or W3W (from 2011) Footwell lighting
47 – C10W 41mm Trunk lighting
50 – Reflector 1K0947419A or 5W Light 3AD947411

OEM Rear view camera [RETROFIT]

What you need

  • Compatible head unit RNS 510, RNS 315 or RCD 510 (only with 26pin connector)
  • Wiring Harness [1] – 5M1970161AC / 1K8035550 OEM
  • Camera [5] – 1K8980551
    • Camera case – 3W0807210B
    • Camera  fixing clip – 3W0807151

In addition to all this, tools are needed to remove the bumper and internal trims as well as to make a hole in the bumper for the camera. If the head unit is not already coded to support the rear view camera (from a car that had the camera), an OBD coding device is also required.


My recommendation is to get retrofit cables (5M1970161AC) as they already come with an adapter for the extra 3 wires. These wires should be connected internally to +12V Countinuous (usually red), +12V Reverse Light (usually yellow) and Ground (usually black). My recommendation is to steal electricity (+12V, GND) from the cigarette lighter in the trunk, if it exists. The tail light is also nearby, so the cables will be as short as possible. By connecting an adapter to the cigarette lighter, no soldering or cutting of the original wires will be required.

4 – 1J0919321
2 – 357919321


RNS510:37 Navigation → 07 Long Coding → Byte 3 → Bit 6 ✓ → Restart
RNS315:37 Navigation → 07 Long Coding → Byte 3 → Bit 6 ✓ → Restart
RCD510:56 Radio → 07 Long Coding → Byte 3 → Bit6 ✓ → Restart

OEM Wheels and Tires

16″ 6.5J ET42
Tyre: 205/55 R16

17″ 6.5J ET39
St. Moritz
Tyre: 205/50 R17

17″ 7.5J ET55
Tyre: 205/50 R17

There are similar ones for the Tiguan!

18″ 8J ET41
3C8601025 AB/D
Tyre: 235/40 R18

19″ 8J ET41
Tyre: 235/35 R19

Real Life pictures


The GTS is a homage to the Scirocco II GTS from 1982.

R Style side sill extensions in body color
Stripes on the roof as well as the bonnet and luggage compartment lid
Salsa Red door mirrors
Darkened taillights

Unique GTS badging on front wings and door sill protectors
Thunder 8 J × 18 alloy wheels
Panoramic sunroof
R Roof spoiler

Black Peak inlays for instrument panel
Piano Black air vent surrounds
Red stitching on leather trimmed three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with GTS logo and Piano Black insert
Front sports seats with embroidered GTS logo and red stitching
Gear lever knob in golf ball look
RNS 315 with Media In

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